A wide range of IT solutions covering all aspects of website development and contemporary distributed computing systems are available for your selection.

Website development
Neobreak is capable of the following in the area of website development:

• Delivering top quality websites in both design and functionalities
• Upgrading existing websites by adding the latest functionalities and designs
• Maintaining website contents by making sure that they are always up-to-date
• Advertising the website to be searchable on popular search engines such as Google

Online shopping systems
In addition to the website construction, Neobreak is also able to implement effective and powerful online shopping mechanisms that include functions such as secure transactions and automated database management systems.

Database solutions
Database management is an integral part of the IT infrastructure of any organisation. Neobreak is specialised in the development of automation applications for automatic and simpler database storage and management for any business.

Wired and wireless network infrastructure
This usually involves the construction and maintenance of wired and/ or wireless network infrastructure in an organisation. Other services also include the implementation of wireless hotspots for Internet use in public places such as cafes and restaurants, as well as the construction of wireless infrastructure for restaurants in order to facilitate the ordering system in which Neobreak is capable of both hardware installation and software implementation procedures.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)
As a number of organisations today consist of multiple offices and branches, the construction of a VPN would help reducing the cost of physical cabling between office branches, simplifying network maintenance and facilitating database management. Other advantages of a VPN also include effective security mechanisms to guard against unauthorised network intrusion, and the possibility of company employees to gain access to the main database any time and anywhere, provided the Internet connection is available.

Accounting & POS systems
Neobreak also offers the setting up of accounting systems utilising popular software packages such as MYOB and QuickBooks. Such systems would assist an organisation in managing its accounting and financial aspects.