1 Payment and quotation

a. What are the acceptable payment methods?
Our preferred payment methods are cash and direct deposit at this point.

b. What payments need to be made?
Each product/ service/ project normally involves 2 kinds of payment – a deposit and a total project fee. A deposit is payable before the start of any product/ service/ project development. 50% of the total project cost is payable as a deposit. The total project fee must be paid upon the receipt of the product/ service/ project invoice. If the payment is not made within 7 days of invoice issue, late payment fee is applicable (see section c.). In addition, once any product/ service/ project is under development and the client wishes to cancel the project, cancellation fee is payable (see section d.).

c. Late payment fee
A late payment fee is charged when total project fee is not paid within 7 days of invoice issue. The fee is charged at 20% of the amount of total cost of the product/ service/ project. The basic rate of 20% may increment if payment is not made for an extensive period of time.

d. Cancellation fee
A cancellation fee is payable with the client decides to terminate the contract or cancel an ongoing development of any product/ service/ project. Calculation of the fee shall be done at discretion of Neobreak. This normally depends on the progress of the project (i.e. how much has been completed) and the resources that have been utilised for the development of the project.

e. How long is a quotation valid for?
Any quotation of any of our product/ service/ project forwarded to the client is only valid for 15 days, in which after the duration a new quotation will be issued upon request.

2 Our products and services

2.1 Web development

a. What are the advantages of having a website?
A website helps promoting your business. With an ever-increasing number of people who are now connected to the Internet, having a web presence will potentially boost your revenues and at the same time your business will reach to wider audiences, both locally and internationally.
By having descriptions of your business on a website, your potential clients will have a better understanding on the services you offer. This will facilitate the way business is carried out between both parties, resulting in effective business processes and outcomes.

b. What contents can I put on my website?
Normally descriptions of your products/ services are most important, followed by your contact information. Other details such as terms and conditions or news and events are also commonly found on websites. In order to make contents look more attractive, photos and videos can also be integrated. This would normally make the websites more interactive.

c. What processes are involved for the website to be online?
Processes can vary from one website to another depending on its requirements. However, typical processes would include: planning and agreeing on your website preferences and requirements; registering for domain name and web hosting; designing and developing your website; finalising and publishing your website on the Internet; search engine optimising and web promoting; and lastly modifying any required portions of the website before handing the control of the website to you.

d. How long does it usually take for my website to be online?
The time taken to complete a website largely depends on the contents involved as well as functions you wish to have on your website. Simplest websites with minimal functions and default designs would only take a few days, whereas websites with complicated features such as credit card transaction could take up to one month. Search engine optimisation and web promotion could also prolong the website completion date.

e. What is the cost of a website?
The cost of building a website usually varies depending on a number of factors such as the amount of contents, complexity of designs, technologies used, and number of functions. It is also quite difficult to calculate the cost by number of pages as a website is possible have only one page with all the contents on it. At Neobreak, we ensure that the cost of a website is calculated carefully, thoroughly and fairly to both parties’ satisfaction. A standard pricelist of our website development service will be published in the near future.

f. What contents are needed to supply to build a website?
Before a website can be constructed, the contents that you wish to have on your website must be submitted to us. They are usually in forms of texts, pictures, databases, videos, and application files.

g. When do I need to submit the contents for website development to Neobreak?
All contents you wish to have on your website must be submitted to us within 14 days from the agreed project commencement date. Failure to do so may result in deposit payment being retained, as well as project cancellation.

h. Do you make use of templates to build a website?
Depending on each agreement, we might utilise templates to create your website. In normal circumstances, the cost of a template is already included in the total project cost. In most cases, template selection is available for your preferences.

i. What if the website created is unsatisfactory?
Neobreak does endeavour to ensure that your satisfaction is met when it comes to the area of website development. We will be working closely with you to make sure that things are going on the right track and you are happy with the way the development progresses. We are yet to receive negative feedback from our clients regarding any website or product we have developed.

j. Do you guarantee an increase in traffic to my website?
It is often difficult to guarantee website traffic increase as it depends on many factors such as advertising methods, search engine optimisation and web promotion. Such methods usually come with considerable cost. Neobreak is able to assist you in selecting the best strategies with minimum financial cost to increase visitors to your website.

k. Which web hosting company do you recommend?
Web hosting companies that we recommend are VentraIP and GreenGeeks. Both of them offer competitive prices, reasonable web storage size, and provide adequate functionalities that are used for website modification and maintenance.

l. Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade my web hosting company?
Yes, it is possible to change your web hosting plans and company, but only after the initial contract period has ended. We would be obliged to assist you in making necessary changes. Please give us at least 2 weeks’ notice if you wish to do so.

m. Will the website be on the search engines?
It is entirely up to you whether or not you wish to list your website on the search engines. This is one of the most effective ways to enable your website to be more recognised.

n. Do you provide website maintenance and update services?
We are capable of maintaining and updating your websites upon your request. Charges may apply.

o. Is there anyway we can monitor our website’s performance?
Upon the completion of the website, you will be granted an access to use a web-based application to monitor your website’s traffic and other details.

p. Are you professionally qualified to build websites?
Neobreak is made up of qualified IT developers with recognised educational backgrounds and employment experiences. Websites are constructed with care and highest quality, ensuring the clients’ satisfaction is met.

2.1.1 Web development technical terms

a. What is a domain name?
Also referred to as a web address, a domain name is a name made up of alphanumeric characters (alphabets and numbers) used to represent a website’s address on the Internet. Instead of having to remember the IP address of a website (written in numbers such as, a domain name, usually written in alphabets, is used for simpler and more convenient recognition. An example of a domain name is www.neobreak.com.

b. What is web hosting?
Web hosting is an Internet service that provides an individual or organisation with storage spaces on the Internet for data storage purposes. Data usually includes websites with texts, pictures, or videos; databases; computer files; email messages, etc. Web hosting enables data stored on the Internet to be accessed by anyone with appropriate permissions.

c. What is search engine optimisation and web promotion?
The term search engine optimisation refers to a method aimed at making a website more “visible” in a search engine (e.g. Google). This method is attempted to make your website listing high up in the results ranking, hence appearing more visible to general Internet users, as most of them only browse through first few pages of search results. Web promotion is a strategy done to increase the popularity of a website. The two methods serve the same purpose and mostly are interrelated.

2.2 IT solutions

2.2.1 Wired and wireless network infrastructure

a. What is a computer network?
A computer network is a connection between one computer-related device to another. Normally, a network can be constructed to connect two or more devices to one another, such as a PC to PC, PC to printer, PC to server or more than one PCs to a network router or switch. This is done mainly for the purposes of resources sharing such as the Internet and file transfers. Common computer networks are LAN (local area network), MAN (metropolitan area network), and WAN (wide area network).

b. What is a wireless network?
A wireless network does not require a physical medium to connect computer-related devices together. Instead, it uses radio frequency in the atmosphere to construct a network, enabling file transfers and sharing. One of the main advantages of a wireless network is mobility, which means that a user can always be connected to a network wherever there is a wireless signal regardless of the availability of cables or wired network sockets. Although wireless network speed is about 2 times slower than wired network (usually 54 Mbps for wireless and 100 Mbps for wired), it is constantly being developed and will be very competitive with wired network in the near future.

c. What is an access point (AP)?
An access point is a device that provides wireless signal and enables devices within the area to be connected to the network. It is a mobile device which can be installed in places such as homes, offices and other public places like cafes and restaurants.

d. How secure is a wireless network?
All wireless networks are capable of providing multiple forms of encryption algorithms to guard against unauthorised network entry and intrusion. Most common wireless security systems include WEP (wired equivalent privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi protected access). These systems help maintain secure wireless connections by encrypting data transmission and creating complicated passwords for authorised users. Because wireless networks require no physical medium to connect to a network, they prove to be more vulnerable to unauthorised and malicious users than wired networks.

e. What is a wireless hotspot?
A wireless hotspot is a location that allows you to connect to a wireless network so that you can check emails and use the Internet. Most wireless hotspots can be found in metropolitan areas as well as cafes and restaurants. There are usually charges involved in using wireless hotspots services.

f. What is the cost of constructing a wired/ wireless network?
It is difficult to pinpoint the cost of network construction without knowledge of your network specifications and preferences. It is important for us to know the type of network you wish to have, as well as factors such as its size and approximate network user. Please contact and provide us with more details regarding your preferred network and we would then be able to offer our quotation to you.

g. Do you provide network maintenance?
Yes, we are able to maintain and upgrade your network upon your request. There may be charges involved depending on difficulty and estimated time taken for each task.

2.2.2 Online shopping systems

a. What are online shopping mechanisms?
Online shopping mechanisms allow Internet users to be able to buy products/ services on websites. Such mechanisms may include functions such as shopping cart, transaction methods such as bank and credit card transfer, and embedded security measures to prevent unauthorised access to the users’ personal details.

b. Why should I incorporate online shopping systems on my website?
If you plan to sell your products/ services via the websites on the Internet, online shopping systems are absolutely necessary and they should be properly constructed as they would most likely determine success or failure of your business on the Internet.

2.2.3 Database solutions

a. What is a database management system?
A database management system is typically an automation system that assists you in managing your database. Such system is most useful when you have to manage a large database, in different locations. You would need a system that is able to perform various critical tasks such as checking the integrity of your data, updating database in real-time if necessary, as well as backing up important database in a regular manner. Manual database management alone is not adequate for such tasks therefore the use of a database management system comes in.

b. What can a good database management system do for my business?
As mentioned above, a good database management system would be able to perform the above-mentioned tasks with efficiency, thus reducing a significant amount of time taken if database management were done manually. This would undoubtedly benefit your business in terms of financial resources and manpower needed.

2.2.4 VPN (Virtual Private Network)

a. What is a VPN?
A VPN can be considered as a private network route on the Internet. By making use of the publicly available networks on the Internet, a VPN can be virtually constructed for the purposes of road-warrior networking, as well as long-distance networking from an office branch to the headquarter.

b. What are the advantages of having a VPN?
One of the main advantages of having a VPN is cost reduction. By making use of the existing networks on the Internet, no physical medium needs to be built for network connections to be possible, thus significant saving on network construction and maintenance cost is achieved. Other advantages also include more convenient network access wherever there is Internet presence, as well as efficient security measures utilised for the protection of a VPN.

c. Is a VPN secure?
Yes, VPN is one of the most secure virtual network connections available. This is because there are countless types of security protocols for implementation on a VPN. As a VPN is not an actual physical network medium, it would not be susceptible to physical intrusion methods, which are very commonly used by malicious computer users.

d. What is the cost involved in VPN construction?
Cost of VPN construction varies from number of connections required to security measures requested by the client. As there is no maintenance needed, cost of VPN usually involves initial installation and setting up fees, which in the long run would be worth the investment.

2.2.5 Accounting & POS systems

a. What is a POS system?
A POS (Point of Sale) system is a system that assists users, normally shop retailers, in selling their products using cash registers. Such system typically consists of a computer system attached with a barcode scanner as well as a printer. A POS system computer is not just a standalone workstation but it can be connected to a network for file transfer and backup purposes.

b. What can Neobreak do to improve my existing accounting system?
We will be able to inspect your current accounting system and make any suggestions regarding changes that should be made to optimise your accounting system on both hardware and software perspectives.

3 Customer Support

a. What kind of customer support do you provide?
We are able to provide customer support in the forms of email and telephone. If the problem cannot be resolved using the preliminary support methods, further technical support would be provided. Charges may apply for problems that need urgent or on-site extensive technical support.

4 General

a. What are your business hours?
You may contact us via telephone, fax or email within the business hours of 9am – 5pm. Any enquiries received out of the business hours will be processed on the next day. Alternatively you can also visit us at our address within those hours.

b. What kind of information is included in a newsletter?
A newsletter typically consists of current news and updates and any official announcements or events regarding our website and company, special promotions we are currently having, and some advertisements from our partners and supporters. It is a great way to keep in touch with the latest happenings of our organisation without the hassle of checking on our website and navigating to different sections to do so.

c. How secure is the data we have submitted to you for website development?
Your data will be kept in the most secure environment possible. Any unauthorised access to your data is never allowed and the integrity of the data will be maintained throughout the development period.