Privacy Statement

Neobreak website Privacy Statement

1 Introduction
At Neobreak, we are committed to maintaining and protecting your privacy. We have constructed this section to provide explanations on what kind of information is collected, as well as how and why we collect them. This page intends to be updated regularly to reflect on changes we might have made regarding our privacy policy and disclaimer. We reserve the rights to make any changes to this document at any time without prior notice.

2 Collection and Use of Information
Your personal information is collected only when you decide to provide them to us. For instance, when we receive an email or a phone call from you, your email address and phone number might be recorded for correspondence purposes. In another scenario, when you sign up to receive our newsletter, your email address will be kept in our database.
In addition, some technical information regarding your computer system is collected automatically by our system . They might include; your IP address (a set of numbers determining your presence on the Internet), your top level domain name (e.g. .com,, .net) if applicable, the web browser and operating system you are using, date and time you visit our website, the pages viewed, and the information you download. These data will be treated with utmost security and will never be disclosed to other party for personal or commercial use. The information we receive are very invaluable to us and we are committed to making sure that they will only be used to improve all aspects of our website, in order to optimise your web browsing experiences.

3 Cookies
We make use of cookies for the purpose of customising our website to suit your preferences. Cookies are data stored in a form of text file programmed to be sent to your hard drive automatically by your web browser when you visit our website. A cookie does not contain any personal or financial information. It only contains information that you decide to provide to us. Information inside a cookie helps us to create better web pages more customised to make your web browsing experiences better. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can make changes to your web browser’s configuration. You would still be able to visit our publicly viewable web pages even if you decide not to accept cookies.

4 Security
Security is a matter taken very seriously at Neobreak. We employ all necessary means to ensure that the personal information that you provide is not accessible by unauthorised party. We ensure that the security of your personal information is maintained by utilising necessary technical measures such as firewalls and secure databases. Although some sections of our website are not equipped with secure data transmission system to protect your personal information (e.g. email address), we always ensure that the data are stored in a secure environment.
As you might already be aware that the Internet is not a totally safe place, when you provide your personal information on our website, there is a risk that the information may be seen or intercepted by malicious third parties without our knowing. In addition, some contents that you decide to download from our website may have been tampered with by those parties. It is therefore very important that you have necessary measures and protection in an occurrence of such events.

5 Miscellaneous

5.1 Newsletter subscription
We provide an option of newsletter subscription through our website. Our newsletter usually contains current news and events, as well as special offers and other important announcements we might have at the time. The purposes of distributing newsletters are in order to keep you updated with ongoing events at our organisation, and it also provides a more convenient way for you to view the contents of the information without having to visit our website.
Newsletter subscription is not needed in order to view all contents on our website.

6 Disclaimer
The Neobreak website has been constructed primarily for your convenience in viewing. We cannot guarantee the completeness and accuracy of any contents on the website.
While browsing our website, you might come across some sections that contain links to other websites. We have provided the links for your convenience and quick referencing, and not for commercial purposes. Please be aware that we are not responsible for any contents outside our website if they turned out to be inaccurate or harmful.
Neobreak reserves the rights to make changes to any contents on the website without prior notice.

7 Contact us
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries regarding this Privacy Statement.